Mobile Game Roundup: Winterstate, Chesster and More

If you’re looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend, there are plenty of new options available, including Disney Magic Kingdoms from Gameloft and Disney. The game allows users to build their own Disney theme park after Maleficent covers the land in a curse. In addition, Kiloo launched its newest game this week: Tesla Tubes.Read the full article

Winterstate: Brand new Tactical Combat Trader out now!

Welcome to Winterstate: Raid, trade and get paid! Winterstate takes the real-time strategy genre and kick-starts it on mobile! Draw and execute battle plans in real-time 3D conflict while raiding other players around the world. Trade precious goods and collect iconic yellow cabs, monster trucks and even fire engines, and fit them with massive flamethrowers, cannons and a whole arsenal of different weapons.

Sky Hop Saga Trailer

Hop till you drop in this Endless Arcade Hopper as you explore and uncover the ever expanding and crumbling world of Sky Hop Saga! How far you can hop? Hop from tile to tile to collect and complete the Sky Hop Artifact to unlock the next set of tiles. But beware! Tiles will become unstable and fall soon after you step on them! You will also face ever perilous challenges on your adventures, from fire breathing dragons to exploding goblins! Your skill and wits will be put to the ultimate test in epic battles against Sky Hop Saga bosses! Outplay and outsmart them or be crushed...! Use coins collected during your adventures to unlock new worlds and an ever expanding cast of cool, quirky and awesome characters! Facebook: Twitter: Everyplay:

Miss The Moose Official Trailer Yee haw! Hit the road in this thrilling, one-touch racing game from Tapinator. In Miss the Moose, you must drive laps around a track…but, for all you racing fans, it’s not quite that simple. The track is located in North Country – a magical place known for exotic Moose sightings! So, push the pedal to the metal and vamoose, but avoid hurting these majestic creatures as you accelerate, drift, and listen to outlaw country. Featuring a vivid art style, Miss the Moose includes changing weather conditions, leaderboards/achievements, seven unlockable vehicles – each with their own unique sound – and, did we mention,…herds of moose! One finger is all you’ll need to become the next Moose King!

Chesster Launch Trailer

Chess meets match-three to create a deep and strategic new experience. Faced with a board full of chess pieces, you must create rows or columns of matching pieces to score points. Pieces move the same way as in chess and “take” the piece in their target destination, clearing it from the board. Players can move three pieces each turn with scoring and cascades occurring at the end of the turn. Just like chess, the key is thinking several steps ahead and high scores are only possible by lining up combos as pieces fall into the empty spaces you’ve created. Progress through the medieval estate to complete the game, mastering three types of level - game, puzzle and challenge. BUY CHESSTER! STEAM: APP STORE: FOLLOW SURPRISE ATTACK GAMES! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: COMMUNITY: