Remente Personal Development App Launches Worldwide

Personal development app Remente has launched worldwide with the goal of helping users complete their goals and live healthier lives. With Remente, users are asked to complete an initial personal assessment by rating their satisfaction in multiple areas of their lives, like their careers and families.Read the full article

How To Train Your Brain

With Remente, you can take control of your life, balance it and increase your wellbeing. We help you find out what’s important, make sure you do stuff that matters and give you the tools to live life at its fullest. Self development whenever, and wherever you need it. *****We can help focus your life and improve wellbeing***** *****Set, track, reach goals and form good habits***** *****Courses, tools and advice on how to manage and level up in life***** Your Digital Life Coach: At Home, At Work, In School Based on the latest observations in psychology, neuroscience and mental training we have created a Gym For Your Mind, with courses and tools to help you in all parts of life, at home, at work or in school. Do you want to achieve your goals, reduce stress, sleep better, be happier or just get inspiration on how to make things work better? We can help. Why You Should Exercise Your Mental Strength Just like you need to exercise your physical strength to stay healthy, you need to exercise your mental strength. To help you do that, we created Remente, a preventive tool for your mental wellbeing and resilience. With Remente, you can practice mindfulness, prevent stress, exercise your brain, improve sleep, set and reach goals, find motivation, become more efficient and learn to prioritize what’s really important to you. You will also find trainings in leadership, communication, mindfulness, decision-making, time management and more. The Brains Behind Remente Behind us stands a team of world leading experts in the fields of psychology, coaching and brain training. Previously, we’ve helped Sweden win the World Memory Championships, conducted research on Internet Psychiatry and have coached world class athletes such as Annika Sörenstam, Magdalena Forsberg and Nick Faldo. Now it’s your turn! ***** If you like what we do, give us a five star rating ;-) ***** Examples of content we offer: - Stress Management - Efficiency - Sleep - Memory Training - Goal Training - Mindfulness - Decision Making - Time Management - Leadership - Understanding Yourself - Communication Show you´re a fan by following us on Twitter:, Instagram: and like our Facebook page: