How to use visual social media – part two: Tumblr and Snapchat

Visual content in all its forms has become the driving trend online, as improvements in technology and bandwidth push the boundaries of what can be done with visual media. Nowhere is this more true than in social media, where having a good visual strategy can be key to taking advantage of marketing and promotional opportunities.Read the full article

  • Tumblr’s Top Draw as a Marketing Platform Is Its Wealthier User Base - 21 readers, 648 Tweets - Sure Tumblr has an artsy, hipster appeal, but its users are far from starving. In fact, and perhaps surprisingly, it caters to the wealthiest social media set of any of its rivals, according to recent data. If Facebook is the blue-collar everyman network, Tumblr is more of a luxury destination. Niche yes, but lucrative for retailers.

  • Vertical video pays off for Snapchat - 27 readers - There’s a brand new kitchen here, one that’s been tailor made for the mobile generation.