Water organizations using tech to make an impact

By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. Already, more than 663 million people in the world live without clean water. And drought is a major challenge in geographies ranging from Northern California, which is facing its worst drought in 1,200 years; to east Africa, where a devastating drought has led to crop failures affecting an estimated 23 million people.Read the full article

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Give Clean Water https://donate.charitywater.org 13-year-old Selam used to spend every day trying to find a balance between providing water for her family and pursuing her education. Until last year. Experience the transformation of her community as they receive clean and safe water for the first time. A charity: water production presented in partnership with Vrse.works Producer: Melissa Burmester Director: Imraan Ismail Music: McKenzie Stubbert Head of Post Production , Vrse.works: Armando Kirwin Editors: Jamie Pent, John Carner Virtual Reality Sound Production: Q Department® in association with Mach1™ VR Sound Design & Mix: Dražen Bošnjak 360 Sound Recordist: Laura Cunningham Narration: Lydia Telahun Visual Effects Supervisor Tom Polson