Copyranter: The go-to ad joke is — still — the white male moron

The objectification of women in advertising has been drastically reduced in the last 10 years, replaced by a wave of empowering “Femvertising.” And more and more brands are featuring gay and interracial couples in their ads. It’s a beautiful thing. How about the white man as de facto dummy? Ha, yeah no. Sorry, no progress on your front, dudes. In advertising, humor sells.Read the full article

TurboTax 2016 Commercial "George Smoot Simple Questions" (Official :30) TV Ad It doesn’t take a genius to do your taxes. More specifically, it doesn’t take a world-renowned theoretical physicist who proved Einstein’s theory of the Big Bang to be true (Dr. George Smoot, Nobel Laureate). TurboTax 2016 TV Commercial "George Smoot Simple Questions" (Official :30)

Naked Figure Drawing - Snickers Crisper TV Commercial

A man stands in front of a chemistry classroom naked and holding a spear. He thinks he's modeling for the advanced figure drawing class. One of the chemists corrects him, telling him that the class he's looking for is actually down the hall. He slaps a mysterious red liquid on his neck from a beaker that's sitting on the desk behind him, thinking it's cologne. It's not, and it stings. This man is confulish -- confused and foolish. Hunger can create its own problems, which is why Snickers decided to invent the Snickers Crisper. Advertiser: Snickers Agency: BBDO New York //keywords// snickers commercials 2015, snickers commercials betty white, snickers commercials you're not you when you're hungry, snickers commercials 2014, snickers commercial halloween, snickers commercial robin williams, snickers commercial brady bunch, snickers commercial joe pesci, snickers commercial batman, snickers commercial headless horseman, snickers commercial beauty queen, snickers commercial basketball, snickers commercial better, snickers commercial bean, banned snickers commercials, mr. bean snickers commercials, best snickers commercials, funny snickers commercials, funniest snickers commercials, mr t snickers commercials, old snickers commercials, snickers commercials

McDonald's / American Winter / The Spear

Cure Auto Super Bowl TV Spot by D4 Creative- "Dad"

D4 Creative's newest TV spot for Cure Auto Insurance debut on Super Bowl 50. A bit edgy and probably controversial, this is another driver tip spot created by the agency for Cure.

Toyota Auris Hybrid The Truth tv commercial ad 2015 HD • advert

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