5 Tricks to Create Super Bowl Caliber PPC Ads

by Erin Sagin
Recently, the media has been abuzz with stories on the rise of ad blockers and the implications for digital markets. Internet users have not hesitated to weigh in with their two cents on online ads, and the general consensus is that they find them to be dull, preachy, and downright intrusive. Many advertisers ignore this feedback, adopting the mindset that ads are ads—no one LOVES them.Read the full article

"The Showdown" - Bird vs. Jordan McDonald's ad - 1993

When Michael Jordan brings a Big Mac to the gym, Larry Bird challenges him to an epic shooting contest, where the shot descriptions (always ending with "nothing but net") get more and more elaborate. This includes both parts shown during Super Bowl XXVII: a 30-second teaser that sets up the premise but ends with Jordan noting that "this is gonna take a while," followed by the full 1-minute spot.