Flashback Friday April Fools 2015

There are only a few times a year when brands go above and beyond to bring their creative A-games to the table. And none of them are as irreverent as April Fool’s day. There’s nothing like a brand playing a mass prank on their customers. We’re so excited for the 2016 April Fools pranks that we thought it would be fun to recap our favorites from 2015. The Top 10 April Fools Day Pranks of 2015 1.Read the full article

Now on Display: Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet

Now on display in the "Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall" is Wonder Woman's invisible jet, currently on loan from The Museum of Flight in Seattle. Learn how it got here and about transforming the plane into its jet formation.

Welcome to MS-DOS Mobile

Today Microsoft launch MS-DOS Mobile, a new OS designed especially for Lumia smartphones. Microsoft are going back to where productivity started for millions of people, launching a beautifully simple OS. The MS-DOS Mobile preview is an essential download for those who remember life before Windows, those who want to go back to BASIC, or even those looking to boot into DOS for the first time. MS-DOS Mobile is available for download today http://lumia.ms/msdosmobile Footage courtesy of the Microsoft Archives.

Introducing Dial-Up mode

The loading bar is a signal to many of us to take care of those little things- like making a cup of coffee, taking that bathroom break or just petting the dog. We have been told that Fiber’s seemingly instant connections have taken away that valuable time. So today we are introducing Dial-Up Mode to slow your Fiber speeds down. Relax to your 56k connection and get those precious moments back.

STFU From Zappos.com

Save Time For U from Zappos.com! Zappos' new STFU service lets you enjoy more personal time! Need a break from annoying conversations with those around you? We can help! Visit www.zappos.com/stfu for more information! Follow Zappos on Twitter & Instagram! @zappos Pin with us! http://zapwow.me/pf3D Be our friend on Facebook! http://zapwow.me/pf3F -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- See them #taketheleap: "Danielle and Garrett's Leap Day Wedding #taketheleap" → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvP9-dVJUjk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-