How Emotional Targeting Converts More Leads

A study found “that websites with a stronger emotional impact produced a greater intent to buy.” Appealing to your audience’s emotions creates a connection. Whether you’re designing product descriptions or landing pages, your team must aim to evoke emotion into your messaging. That’s why storytelling works so well. It’s a powerful way to engage your customers.Read the full article

Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial (2014) - Gracie (Controversial)

Part of our great Super Bowl Commercials project: This video has two wonderful heart-warming big game ads from Cheerios. The first is Gracie, in which a father is sitting at a kitchen table explaining to his daughter that their family will be having a baby. Of course, Gracie wants a puppy even more. The controversy arose when the official MSNBC Twitter spokesman tweeted that conservatives would hate this beautiful Super Bowl ad because it included a mixed race couple. Of course you can imagine the swift reaction, and MSNBC subsequently tweeted an apology. The second TV ad in this compilation is the initial ad featuring the same family - from around 8 months before the Super Bowl telecast. We liked the second one more, but what do you think?