The Best Branded Content of March (and April Fools’ Day)

by Joe Lazauskas
Last April Fools’ Day, our co-founder Shane Snow and head of events Jess Black posted Craigslist ads in 16 cities offering up a free goat. They posed as Sam Slaughter, our VP of content, instructing all goat-seekers to call him immediately. Sam was very confused when the calls started coming in, but he was also proud of the collection of batshit crazy voicemails accumulating.Read the full article

Zulu Alpha Kilo - A real (totally fictional) agency overview video

Zulu Alpha Kilo has launched a new agency website that's unlike any other in the industry. This parody site pokes fun at the ‘sameness’ of most other agency websites in a way that says everything and means nothing. Want to learn out more? Check it out at

John Stamos freakout at netflix office

Hand Job: Portrait of an American Hand Model

A young hand model learns just how cutthroat show business can be while on the set of a Black & Decker commercial.