Axe’s shower thoughts ad has angered Reddit

Here’s a shower thought: Does anyone own shower thoughts? Axe body spray is being criticized on Reddit today because users there think the company has plagiarized their site, where there is an entire subreddit devoted to shower thoughts. Axe’s new campaign fittingly picks up the shower motif, and the first installment features this bit of wisdom: “If you’re criticized for bein ...Read the full article

AXE Shower Thoughts Episode 1: Featuring Muggsy Bogues

Episode 1 of #AXEShowerThoughts is for all the “big” little guys, starring professional basketball legend Muggsy Bogues. He owns his height and plays big on the court. Every day, millions of shower thoughts go down the drain. We’re joining the fight against lost shower thoughts by bringing a few to life. Follow our YouTube channel and check us out on social media for more: More AXE Shower Thoughts: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: