John B Strong, CEO of Adaptive Media Kills Ad Blocking Dead

by Pace Lattin
Share ! tweet Adblocking is a serious issue in our industry that might start affecting your bottom line. Considering many websites, after hosting costs, and other fees, only have a small amount of money left. If you’re income is off publishing online, can you part with 10% of your income or 15%? If you’re looking to break through the AdBlocking barricade, you need to watch this interview now.Read the full article

Adaptive Medias merges with Ad Supply Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider chats with John B Strong, CEO of Adaptive Medias, about their recent merger with AdSupply. In this exclusive interview discover what the merger means to advertisers and publishers, whether anti-ad blocking software fosters more sales or not, what kinds of ads perform the best and more. Also find out how Block IQ by AdSupply and Media Graph by Adaptive Medias can help build your bottom line. Try out the patented BlockIQ technology at or find out more about the two companies at and