#SocialSkim: Twitter Sacks Facebook, Plus 13 More Stories in This Week's Roundup

Read closely, because this week's 'Skim spells out the future of social. Twitter threw the most recent punch in social's quest to conquer sports and livestreaming, and WhatsApp finalized encryption that makes Apple vs. the FBI seem like peanuts. We'll also dive into Kik Messenger's new bot store, discuss how Slack could be the platform that finally brings social to your offi ...Read the full article

Kik Bots

So bots are here, but what do they actually do? And how can they help you? Watch the video and then check out the Bot Shop on Kik to talk to your new friends – bots.

Introducing Ginge-Air

Expedia.ca is excited to announce the official launch of our newest flight partner: Ginge-Air. The first of its kind, this premium airline is both staffed by and caters to every shade of redhead, from strawberry-blondes to orange-toned auburns. Visit http://bit.ly/1UWYxsl to book your tickets today!