Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews

Technology has evolved rapidly throughout the last decade and there are many promising results developed in solving otherwise mundane cleaning work. One such result is the invention of the pressure washer, electric powered or otherwise, a seemingly unassuming device that actually packs a wallop. Here we cover one such maker, with the Simpson pressure washer reviews.Read the full article

Simpson Pressure Washer ALH3226

Robert Robillard from reviews the Simpson Pressure Washer ALH3226 Review. Read review here: The Simpson ALH3225 is marketed as a professional grade, heavy duty pressure washer. It has an Aluminum Series frame, making it lighter in weight than most steel frame designs. an added bonus with anodized aluminum is that it will prevent oxidation and corrosion. Pros use pressure washers for hours at a time and need to be rated for continuous run time. Stainless steel, anodized aluminum and serviceable, high quality parts are things to look for when deciding to purchase a pressure washer. Engine: The Simpson ALH3225 Pressure Washer is quipped with a commercial series Kohler SH265 OHV engine, low oil shut off and industrial triplex plunger pumps with ceramic coated pistons are designed for continuous running. The gas tank has a 1-gallon capacity. Pump:Pressure washer pumps are either axial or triplex pump. An axial pump spins at the same rpm as the motor and tend to wear faster than triplex pumps. Triplex plunger pumps are more efficient, last longer and perform better. They also offer the ability to be serviced where axial pumps do not. Pressure Washer Frame: The aluminum frame is aircraft grade with brushed extruded aluminum tubing and heavy duty pneumatic tires for easy maneuvering over uneven surfaces. The anodized aluminum frame is lightweight and resists oxidation and corrosion. Spray Attachments: The spray wand has quick connect spray nozzles, for fast easy connections and changes and a 35-foot, 5/16″ x 25′ MorFlex™ high pressure hose provides high flexibility, non-marring, kink and abrasion resistant, and equipped with easy twist-on connectors. A very unique and exciting feature is the Dial-N-Wash spray gun. The Dial-N-Wash allows, located on the spray wand, you to adjust the pressure of the machine right at the gun. This means you can be washing something that needs full pressure like vehicle wheels and then with a turn of the wrist adjust the pressure down so you can safely wash delicate surfaces like the paint on the hood of your car. On other pressure washers that offer pressure adjustments you must walk back to your machine to make the adjustment. Detergent Injection System: A drop in downstream detergent injection system allows the user to use cleaners with the pressure washer. A siphoning tube allows for cleaner or soap application and works effortlessly with the Dial-N-Wash® spray gun to adjustable pressure regulator allows adjustment from 1000 PSI to MAX PSI with a simple twist. Five stainless steel spray pattern nozzles are included and securely store on the top of the machine. As a small business owner I appreciate that the spray wand has a safety lock-out to prevent gun from being accidentally activated if momentarily left unattended. Using the Simpson ALH3225 Pressure Washer: While using the Simpson ALH3225 the first two things that left a big impression was weight and ease of starting. This unit is light-weight, lifting it into of my pick up truck was a breeze and the engine started on the first pull. Nice!! all of us on the crew agreed that this unit is the perfect for the mobile pro contractor and perfect for the homeowner or DIYer who likes to tackle their own cleaning projects. Power and vibration were also mentioned on the job site. The unit has plenty of power and having a spray adjustment on the want is great. Using the spray wand showed little to no vibration when running and the unit did not bog down. I used it for 3 straight hours without any problems. This unit is well designed and durable. With exception of the spray hose all of the accessories [Spray wand and nozzles] attach and stow securely on the machine. The hose is a bit stiff and difficult to roll up and store. I added a bungee cord to keep it from falling off the storage rack. Improvements: One of the guys on the job site mentioned that the handle to the unit was low. I’m 5-7 and while I had no problems using it I can see why taller folks may. I like the low profile design and feel that it allows for easier transport and storage – less footprint. I’d like to see Simpson install a tie down strap / system to keep the rolled up hose securely on the unit during transport and storage. Overall Impression: We were impressed with the Dial-N-Wash feature on the spray wand. This adjustable pressure regulator allows the user to dial in the right amount of pressure for the cleaning application without having to go back to the machine. Whether your a Pro or a DIYer, If you want a good durable and long lasting pressure washer like this one, don’t hesitate to buy the Simpson ALH3225 Pressure Washer we enjoyed testing it and I even used it on a bunch of home projects.