Best RV TV Antenna For Perfect Reception On The Road

You’re off on an adventure wherever the open road takes you. The RV is loaded with everything you need for that summer getaway and you can’t wait to put your hometown into your rearview mirror. One thing you won’t want to miss while you are away from home is your favorite television programs. With today’s advanced technology, and the right apparatus, you will never miss news, ...Read the full article

RV Roof Antenna Installation Tips (Cellular & WiFi)

Join us with our guest co-hosts, Peter & John of - full time RVers for over 12 years, and hosts of YouTube's top DIY RV channel. In this video, we continue from their video about installing their WiFiRanger Elite Package on their motorhome. We strongly recommend watching their video as well at: (and subscribe to their channel while you're at it!) We talk about considerations for the location of your antenna - from ladders, batwing antennas or direct mounting to the roof. How to avoid placing shadowing on solar panels and avoiding interference with other things that may be on your roof. Then we talk about how to route cables from the roof to the inside - including why we all love conduit. But other options include vent openings and slides. And then how to secure everything to the roof for safe traveling. This was a live recorded video event with our members, which included a 30m Q&A session with a bunch more in-depth content as we answered member questions. That section has been omitted from this public version. For the chat notes that go along with this video, please view: If you enjoy in-depth mobile internet content like this video, we produce a lot of it for our members which is available first to them exclusively. Please consider joining us at More RV Mobile Internet Content & Resources: Product mentions: WiFiRanger Elite: Boosters: RVGeeks Favorites: Dicor Lap Sealant: EternaBond Tape: ---- These video events are presented live exclusively for our MIA members, and the full archive made available to them.