Choosing The Best Headphone Amplifier – What You Should Know

Having a great set of professional headphones often demands the use of a separate headphone amplifier. Whether you will need an amp for your cans depends on the impedance value of the headphones and the source of power you're connecting them to. For example, 25 Ohm headphones will work just fine connected to your smarthpone, tablet or pc because they do not demand a strong el ...Read the full article

Is it worth getting a budget headphone tube amp?

A review of three cheap tube headphone amps. WATCH THE FOLLOW UP VIDEO HERE: THERE IS LITTLE POINT IN COMMENTING UNDER THIS VIDEO - because the follow-up video contains the answers to every question that anyone asks under this video. If you want to try one for yourself - here's a link to the gold amp on eBay Below you'll find links to the eBay store that supplied these amps. They sell a lot of different models. US: UK: AU: DE: ES: NL: IE: BE: CA: CH: FR: IT: Associated article is on my blog here: PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE LINKS TO THE TEAR-DOWN VIDEO BY EEVBLOG Important note. I am fully aware of the tear down video by Dave at EEVBlog of one of these headphone amps, which he kindly performed to lay this matter to rest. My first video about these headphone amps was uploaded in September 2015, a kind viewer went on to send Dave one of the amps so he could perform a professional tear-down, which he subsequently did in January 2016. If you haven't seen Dave's's a link.