Best Stethoscope Brand Review: A Buyer’s Guide

What's the best brand of stethoscopes? Read this article to learn what stethoscope brands are the best and which stethoscope you should invest in. Choosing a good quality stethoscope is important for every medical doctor or nurse. Since the stethoscope is the most important tool and is used so frequently, we want to know which brands makes the best stethoscopes.Read the full article

Stethoscope Buying Guide For Medical School, Which Littman and Why ?

This is a quick video with tips on buying your first stethoscope. Check out my other videos for more tips and tutorials. Also, i forgot to mention other brands, but that's because they're weird and no one uses them, you don't want to be getting picked on by consultants because you have a random steth. Here is the link to the store that I used, they are well priced and you can get free inscriptions and pen torches, especially if you want the same colour as mine ! :-) Cardio III: Classic II: These are good prcies for Australia, but I'm sure you can find them cheaper in your home town. Thanks for Watching. Leave me comments for any videos or tips you would like to see. Like, Comment, Subscribe for more!