Robo R1 3D Printer Review

To avoid paying a fee for the privilege of using his University's 3D printer, Coby Kabili created the Robo R1 3D printer. After creating a prototype the Robo 3D printer hit the mainstream after a successful punt on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter. ROB3D’s ethos and goal was to produce an affordable 3D printer so that anyone who wanted to could enjoy the benefits of ...Read the full article

Robo 3D Printer - Printing

Just a quick not-super-technical explanation of my new Robo 3D printer. The thing I printed: ... the printer is capable of so much more, so much better quality, but that was just a very quick and dirty print so I could show some folks a thing printing from start to finish without having to do a time lapse or anything.