Makeup for all: Why MAC Cosmetics is funding a documentary on the transgender community

by Tanya Dua
MAC wants to drive a little social change along with its lipstick sales. The makeup giant is developing a video series that offers viewers a peek into the lives of transgender and nonconforming individuals, due out this June. The series is being directed by Silas Howard — who has directed episodes of acclaimed Amazon series “Transparent” and is a member of the trans community ...Read the full article

M·A·C AIDS Fund Documentary Series Teaser

The M·A·C AIDS Fund is proud to partner with Transparent and By Hook Or By Crook director Silas Howard and writer Jen Richards to film an upcoming documentary series that will provide an intimate peek into the daily lives of transgender individuals. “What’s unique about having Silas behind the camera is that this is coming from the inside: it’s trans people looking at other trans people, our friends — our brothers and sisters in the community and seeing us as whole people.” says Richards. Watch the exclusive preview here!