The Home Depot: Don’t buy into your own BS

Go to The Home Depot and you’ll find yourself in a vast building full of tall shelves featuring hundreds of widgets, gadgets and geegaws. It can be overwhelming for anyone just looking to buy a stud finder. Look for it on the the company’s app, though, and you’ll find an interactive map that’ll lead you right to the product.Read the full article

The Home Depot: Don't Buy Into Your Own BS

Customer Service. It’s the best kind of marketing that exists. The ability for a company to say, “We take care of our customer’s needs” is rare in a world full of comment sections where even the slightest bad experience can be posted and filtered to the masses. The Home Depot’s declaration to the world is simple. Come learn from us, and go make something of your own. But it's this understanding of the world beyond the one we live in that has led Trish Mueller to reach into the digital stratosphere, which in turn has given The Home Depot the chance to lead a revolution of Do-It-Yourselfers online. In this a hyper connected era where busy executives have little time, Above The Clutter with Pete Krainik, cuts through the jargon and the myriad of links, sales pitches and distractions in an Anthony Bourdain No Reservations meets Undercover Boss style. This candid and fun journey into the world of marketing, ATC dives into the complex issues currently facing today’s CMOs and marketers. Pete Krainik will dissect new marketing techniques and innovations directly from these previously unattainable industry giants. As any good marketer knows, identifying the problem is only half the battle. ATC will explore and uncover the solutions, tools and technology that CMOs are employing to bring their brand to the next level and cut through the clutter. An NBTV Studios Series - Presented by IBM - get involved: Produced by NBTV Studios In Association with Bungalow Entertainment & Media -