How to Structure a Mastermind Meeting – SPI TV, Ep. 10

by Pat Flynn
Welcome to Episode #10 of SPI TV! Make sure to subscribe (YouTube / iTunes) to stay on top of it every Friday when new episodes go live! In last week’s episode of SPI TV, I shared some tips from my friends at Social Media Marketing World about how to get the most out of your mastermind groups.Read the full article

How to Structure a Mastermind Meeting - SPI TV, Ep. 10

Continuing this month's dedication to mastermind groups, in this episode of SPI TV I break down the format and structure of a formal mastermind meeting. (And yes, I realize I said episode 11 when this is episode 10, hehe!) It's important to have a specific order and timing of what's discussed in a mastermind group meeting. I've been a part of groups without structure, and each of them have completely failed. Whether you attend your meetings in person, or remotely via tools like Skype, Google Hangouts or FreeConferenceCall, the structure I outline in this video can apply and will optimize everyone's time and results in the group. And as a reminder, if you're interested in a more detailed and complete presentation about mastermind groups, visit the link below to sign up for a replay of my Social Media Marketing World 2015 presentation which was all about mastermind groups. If you catch the re-do of the presentation live, you'll be able to ask questions live as well. Here's the link: Cheers, and best of luck!