Menlook brings Instagram to television in its latest ads

In an era when fashion brands and publications are flooding the zone with influencer posts on Instagram, one brand is taking the reverse approach and bringing Instagram into its traditional television spots. Menlook, a men’s lifestyle and e-commerce site based in Paris, is launching a television advertisement today composed entirely of Instagram photos shared by fashion influe ...Read the full article

Menlook presents the first TV advertising made from Instagram photos

Discover our first TV advertising made entirely from photos published by influential Instagrammers around the globe. This advertising is part of a multi-channel campaign including TV, social media and a 10000€ "knoll" contest !! Discover the insights of the campaign on our Instagram account: Win 10 000€ worth of prizes: Our worldwild Instagrammers: Romain Costa: Quyen Mike: Will Taylor: Filippo Cirulli: Tarek Q: --------------------------------------------------------------- Découvrez la première campagne TV mondiale entièrement réalisée à partir de photos d'Instagrammeurs influents des quatre coins du monde. Cette publicité fait parti d’un dispositif cross-canal incluant TV, réseaux sociaux et un grand jeu concours Instagram avec 10 000€ de cadeaux à gagner !! Tentez de gagner 10 000€ : Découvrez les backstages de la campagne sur notre compte Instagram : Nos Instragrammeurs à découvrir : Romain Costa: Quyen Mike: Will Taylor: Filippo Cirulli: Tarek Q: