My April 2015 Monthly Income Report

by Pat Flynn
This helps me understand how my businesses are progressing (and it’s not always in the positive direction), and it allows you to have an over-the-shoulder view of exactly what’s going on. It is my hopes that you’ll take not only inspiration from this report, but specific and actionable advice you can use to grow your own businesses too. Let’s not waste any more time.Read the full article

Pat's Opening Keynote Presentation for FINCON13 - The First Impression You Make Online - This is my opening keynote presentation for The Financial Blogger Conference in St. Louis on October 18, 2013. It's a slideshow of the presentation (audio from the talk mixed with the slides) because the video footage was actually lost in some corrupted data from the recording files. In the beginning of this slideshow / video, you'll hear me talk about something I did to open the conference that was pretty unique. It makes the fact that the video is gone a little more painful, but I'm happy to share the next best thing with you. Thank you to everyone who helped put FINCON13 together, and for giving me the opportunity to perform my very first keynote presentation with you. I look forward to reading your comments about the presentation below! Oh, and you'll be introduced to my mom during the middle of the presentation too. :)