Storytelling and data: when beautiful metrics can’t beat words

by Scott Brinker
The following is a guest post by Sergio Maldonado, founder and CEO of Sweetspot Intelligence. Family storytelling die-hards may have heard of Bill Gordh, an award-winning, banjo-playing storyteller that has performed with the New York Philharmonic as well as at the White House Easter Egg Roll. He has also traveled extensively around the world.Read the full article

Persuasion and the Power of Story: Jennifer Aaker (Future of StoryTelling 2013) Jennifer Aaker studies happiness, and how stories can affect our happiness; she believes that stories are more meaningful -- more memorable, more impactful, and more personal--than statistics alone. When used with statistical data, stories are an incredible persuasive tool that can help us as humans decide what to believe in a world that is otherwise incredibly over-saturated with information. A Future of StoryTelling Film. Produced by Melcher Media and Banana Bird, animated by Evan Seitz Find us on Twitter: on Facebook: on Tumblr: and Instagram: