What’s the best zero turn mower for your lawn?

There are so many different types of lawn mowers. Hopefully, you've run across this article because you are considering a zero turn riding lawn mower. Before going straight into what I have found to be some of the best zero turn mowers out there, let's go a little bit into the fundamentals that set a zero turn mower apart from a conventional riding mower.Read the full article

Toro TimeCutter SS Series Zero Turn Mower Review

The Toro SS TimeCutter is a small compact residential zero turn mower that is much quicker and has better maneuverability than a tractor. If you are cutting residential and want to speed things up this is the mower for you. DECK(32,42,50,54) The deck is a 10 gauge steel stamped deck with aluminum spindles. This deck has a washout port located on top to clean out the bottom side of your deck. ENGINE The SS TimeCutters are offered in a few engine choices. You can choose from a Toro branded engine or go with a Kohler V-Twin. The 50 inch also comes with a Kawasaki. This is the only TimeCutter with a Kawasaki. HYDRAULICS/DRIVE SYSTEM TimeCutters come with the ZT2100 drive system. This is not serviceable. No filter or fluid will need to be changed. WARRANTY 3 year warranty Models: 74710 SS3225 32" Deck 452cc Toro Engine 74720 SS4200 42" Deck 452cc Toro Engine 74721 SS4225 42" Deck 22hp Kohler V-Twin Engine 74723 SS4250 42" Deck 22hp Toro V-Twin Engine 74730 SS5000 50" Deck 23hp Kawasaki V-Twin Engine 74731 SS5000 50" Deck 22hp Toro V-Twin Engine 74740 SS5425 54" Deck 24hp Kohler V-Twin Engine 74616 SS4216 42" Deck 452cc Toro Engine 74631 SS5000 50" Deck 23hp Kawsasaki Engine http://sleequipment.com/lawn-mowers/zero-turn-lawn-mowers.html SLE Equipment 615-641-7720 http://sleequipment.com/ 3521 Murfreesboro Pike Antioch, TN 37013