The Best Kayak Fish Finder – Top 5 Reviews

Fish finders are often associated with boat fishing; it’s true that many of these devices are designed for that purpose, typically with a screen width of around 4 inches. However, there are plenty of fish finders for kayaks with each one typically being capable of drastically improving your fishing experience by increasing your efficiency, pinpointing the best areas to cast.Read the full article

How to Install a Fishfinder on Your Kayak

Afraid of installing a Fishfinder on your shiny new (or well-loved) kayak? You shouldn't be after watching this video! Jerron walks you through all the necessary steps and gives tips and tricks from his experience performing hundreds of installs on kayaks over the years. Jerron uses our Fishfinder Install Kit ( in this video and you can check out our full line of Fishfinders right here: