Top Earning Websites

by Michael Dunlop
Our first Top Earning Websites List was published in March 2009. There have been significant changes since then. AirBnB founded in 2008 did not make the original list but are here today. Myspace no longer features! Please Note: Despite their significant size, some companies are intentionally left out because they are primarily retail based that does web based revenue, but ult ...Read the full article

  • Dropbox chief defends lofty valuation - - 30 readers - Dropbox has sought to quell worries that it is failing to live up to its lofty $10bn valuation, amid growing concerns that the most highly valued private tech companies, or “unicorns”, are caught up in a bubble. The San Francisco-based file storage

  • The rise and fall of MySpace - - 33 readers - In summer 2005, having spent the best part of four decades ­building a newspaper, film and television empire, Rupert Murdoch decided that the time had come to get serious about the internet. As founder and chairman of News Corporation, one of the