5 “Five-Minute or Less” Blogging Tips That Yield Big Results. I’m Using Tip #1 in This Title.

by Pat Flynn
Lately, I’ve been experimenting with a number of various blogging strategies to find those little things that are yielding big results, and I wanted to share those little things that are working for me with you today. These tips should take you less than 5 minutes to implement, and although they may seem small, they pack a huge punch. Let’s get right to it… 1.Read the full article

Pixlr Photo and Image Editor - Tutorial & Training - 1 hr 21 min - 32 chpt

This is a great Pixlr Tutorial & Training video on the basic uses of the tools found on Pixlr's fantastic photo and image editor program that can be used directly online at: http://pixlr.com/editor/ I am not the creator of this video. It's done by Haldor Lønningdal. You can visit his website at: http://www.ictpublish.com/ or his YouTube page at: http://www.youtube.com/1haldor Many thanks go out to him for taking the time to make this great 1 hour 21 minute training video that is divided into 32 chapters. Please note that the latest version of pixlr has been enhanced and thus is slightly different from what is shown in this video. However from this tutorial you will get the drift of how this software works and would have no problem adapting (which was what I found out). PIXLR TUTORIAL & TRAINING CONTENTS: 00:00:00 Video 01 Presenting the Interface 00:01:51 Video 02 Image Size and File Save 00:05:39 Video 03 Adjustment Brightness & Contrast 00:07:45 Video 04 Edit Free Transform Edit Apply 00:13:14 Video 05 Adjustment Hue (color) and Saturation (grey or colorful) and Lightness 00:16:21 Video 06 Adjustment Levels (Dark, Mid, Light) 00:19:03 Video 07 Adjustment Curves 00:22:42 Video 08 Image Size W=1000. Adjustment Desaturate to get B&W picture. Edit Undo. Adjustment Invert to get Negative. Adjustment Threshold. Adjustment Posterize. 00:25:16 Video 09 Filter Blurr. Sharpen. Pixelate. 00:27:18 Video 10 Toobox. Hover your mouse over the icon and you can see Marquee tool (M) . Select section. Edit apply yes. File Save Filename Format OK. 00:29:02 Video 11 Toolbox Type tool (T) to write text. 00:31:23 Video 12 New layer and text 00:33:14 Video 13 Toolbox Lasso (L) and Eraser (E). First go to Navigator and zoom in. Select section. Edit copy. File new image. Select background color. Bucket. Eraser. 00:38:24 Video 14 Pencil and Brush (B) 00:40:32 Video 15 Clone Stamp Tool (S). Control draw original, then draw clone at another location while looking at the original. 00:44:01 Video 16 Toolbox Wand (W). Change tolerance. Change background color for different effects. 00:47:25 Video 17 Toolbox Gradient Tool. Create a new image. 00:51:22 Video 18 Toolbox Blur (R) or Sharpen (Y) part of the picture. 00:54:06 Video 19 Toolbox Smudge Tool (U) 00:55:30 Video 20 Toolbox Sponge (P) to enhance colors of parts of picture. 00:56:20 Video 21 Toolbox Dodge Tool (O) to brighten up certain parts of picture. 00:48:05 Video 22 Toolbox Burn Tool (N) to take away light parts of picture. 00:59:31 Video 23 Toolbox Red Eye Remover. Use Navigator to zoom in first. 01:01:01 Video 24 Toolbox Drawing Tool 01:04:14 Video 25 Toolbox Bloat Tool to grow the area. 01:05:35 Video 26 Toolbox Pinch Tool to decrease the size. 01:07:07 Video 27 Toolbox Color Picker. 01:08:40 Video 28 Toolbox Hand tool. If you have a big picture, you can press and hold space bar and a hand appears which you can use to shift picture. 01:10:52 Video 29 Layer. Duplicate Layer.... 01:13:52 Video 30 Transparent (png) 01:17:31 Video 31 Flatten Before Saving 01:18:19 Video 32 Copy image from the internet into Pixlr 01:20:43 END