Best Oil Less Fryer Reviews 2016

Your after an oil less fryer review, or you may be thinking that an oil less fryer just doesn’t make sense! How can someone make delicious fried chicken or onion rings without oil? While it may seem like something from Star Trek, this technology is actually for real. It’s fairly new, but has been out for a few years now and you may know it by the name Air Fryer.Read the full article

All you need to know about the Philips HD922 Viva AirFryer - Appliances Online

Buy the the Philips HD922 Viva AirFryer here: The Philips Viva AirFryer is a revolutionary new way of frying food. The patented fan technology is a healthier way to air fry a huge variety of meals at home. You're able to cook meats, vegetables, pizzas, and even chocolate brownies. It gives you the crisp, crunch and flavour of fried food without the excess fats and oils. Watch the video to find out about, the features of and all the accessories that come with the Philips Viva AirFryer, as well as how to cook healthy wedges in your kitchen. For more appliance information, click here: