My New (and 1st!) Course—Breakthrough Blogging—Is Now Available!

by Pat Flynn
Update: The sale for Breakthrough Blogging, my new course is officially over. Thank you for all of your support! Feel free to read the post below which explains how the course came about and who it’s for. Cheers! For years, people have been asking me the same question: “Pat, when are you going to create your first information product or course?” Someone even asked me this ...Read the full article

Breakthrough Blogging with Pat Flynn - Pat Flynn's brand new (and first ever) blogging product, Breakthrough Blogging. Don't become a statistic. Breakthrough the barriers that lead most bloggers to quit after six months. It's easier now, more than ever, to start a blog. But, it's harder than ever to keep it going. Nobody ever starts a blog thinking, "I'll start a blog now but I'll give up on it later," but that's exactly what happens. Most people who start a blog will stop blogging within the first six months. I almost did. This is exactly why I created Breakthrough Blogging - a course not about how to start a blog, but about how to keep it going. It's about breaking through all of the barriers and challenges that will be there to try to put a stop to your blogging career. Breakthrough Blogging will only be sold for 72 hours between Monday, July 1st 12:00pm EST and Thursday, July4th 12:00pm as a part of the next sale. Please visit this link to get more information on this limited time offer: