Reader Challenge Roundup: Readers Choice and the Next [BIG!] Challenge

by Pat Flynn
Part of my responsibility here on SPI is to not only give you the best information possible, but to encourage you to take action as well. One of the ways I love to do that is through my reader challenges, where I challenge you to do something specific that I know will help you and your online business or blog.Read the full article

Amazing Arab Street Food! - Martabak (Mutabak) Recipe

Full recipe:

Building a Website in 3 Minutes with a Custom Domain Name - Building a website with a custom domain name is actually very simple. I am very excited to finally be able to offer this website training for small businesses, solopreneurs, and individuals who want to build a website with a custom Web address and without spending a lot of money! And I will show you how to build a website from scratch in 3 minutes! :) Download my FREE PDF guide that accompanies this video: It will walk you through a step-by-step checklist for building your own website that you can save/print as a reference! Start a website by visiting: How to create a website and tips for maintaining and growing your own website:

Spend the Day with an ATM Business Owner; Then Start Your Own Passive Income Stream - thinking about starting a passive income stream? Perhaps an ATM business? Follow me as I take you through 1 day of my ATM business. Follow me to the bank, to fill ATMs and a couple other "non-ATM" related stops. Being in the ATM business gives you the freedom to make "non-ATM" related stops throughout your day. Start your journey to a lifetime of passive income so that you too, can spend more time with family and friends instead of co-workers and you'll even make money while you sleep. Please don't forget to "Like" this video and also share it with others! Thank you! Go to for invaluable free information that will help you on your journey.

Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 1 - Theory - Learn exactly what tiered link building is and how you can use it to rank sites easily. Tiered link building is an advanced technique and is pretty complicated to wrap your head around. I created this video series to teach you how to do it easily and effectively step by step. You can download this video for your mobile phone or tablet as well as a full transcript of the video at If you have any questions or comments then please get in touch with me via my blog or in the comments below and I will help you out. Video Transcript What's up guys this is Matthew Woodward and welcome to my ultimate guide to tiered link building. Today I'm going to take you through exactly what tiered link building is. The benefits of tiered linked building. How to use it to rank sites easily. And ultimately how to setup a tiered link building campaign So what is tiered link building exactly? It is a unique approach to link building in which you essentially build backlinks to your backlinks. That helps to give your first tier of backlinks more strength and authority. Over time your tier 1 backlinks will gain page rank and that link juice gets passed directly onto your site. You can then take this a step further and create a third tier of links to strengthen your second tier. This creates a knock on effect passing huge volumes of link juice and authority all the way down the chain to your site. The other advantage to this is it gives search engine spiders millions of paths and oppertunities to land on your site which will further increase rankings. Now I realise all of that probably sounds pretty confusing so let's make things a bit easier to understand with a diagram. Here you can see your main and normally you would build a first tier of backlinks such as web 2.0 sites, blog posts, article directories and things like that. What makes tiered link building different though is you then build backlinks to each of those first tier links. For example we might create a wiki link, blog comment and bookmark to your web 2.0 tier 1 link. This helps give the tier 1 link more strength and authority in Google's eyes. We would then do the same for each of the tier 1 links. As you can see there is already a decent amount of link juice flowing through to the site just with 2 tiers of links in place. What we actually want to do is repeat the process for the tier 2 links by building a third tier. The idea is to build as many tier 3 links as possible to boost the tier 2 links, which in turn boosts the tier 1 links and your site. This is a very simplified example but hopefully you can see how powerful it is if each of your tier 1 links had 50 tier 2 backlinks, and each of those 50 tier 2 backlinks had 300 hundred tier 3 links. It might all sound like hard work but tiered link building offers some superb benefits. First of all it allows you to build a protective layer of tier 1 links around your site. This protective layer helps reduce the risk of getting a penalty and also means that we can take advantage of a lot of the riskier link building methods out there. For example high PR blog networks such as ALN can be used to strengthen your tier 1 links. If they get caught out in an algo update then it is your tier 1 links that get penalised and not your main site. Overtime your tier 1 links will become page rank 3, 4 or more which is passed onto your site. You can essentially manufacture as many relevant high rank links to your site as you want. So what makes a good tier 1 link? First of all you should focus on only getting high quality links pointing to your site. These should be surrounded by relevant contextual content that makes sense, so no cheating by using auto generated content here. Although we do have a use for that in lower tiers. Ideally you want your tier 1 links to come from domains Google already trusts. . Tier 1 links are the foundation to your ranking so you want to make sure they will not get deleted or removed. Usually this isn't a problem if you have used quality content on your first tier. You should also have complete control of the link and be able to remove or edit it at anytime. While this isn't essential it is a safety net that I recommend so you can quickly clean up your link profile if Google has a problem with it in the future. Most importantly you need to be able to get the exact URL of a link in order to build a second tier of links to it. Here are a few examples of great tier 1 links. You could build out a set of web 2.0 mini sites that each have 5-15 pages of relevant content. Link out to related sites and include things like relevant images and videos. Full transcript at

Whole World Theatre on Improv! | Call Time Atlanta

In Episode 6 I talk to Chip Powell, Artistic Director and Emily Reily Russell, Managing Director of Whole World Improv Theatre. We discuss the history of the theatre, why improv is important for actors to learn, the technique that WWIT developed, and see some clips of their work! Both Chip and Emily also give some great advice for how actors in Atlanta can raise their game. There is some background noise you will hear in this episode--we shot at the theatre on a night where they were having class in the next room over. Enjoy!

The Best Way To Learn a Language in 3 Months (Blueprint 1/2)

I learned a lot more about language learning since I made this video in 2012. If you are interested in actually speaking your target language with a native speaker in 90 days, check out the More than 500 language learners around the world went through it already and we have plenty of case studies where language learners actually spoke with a native speaker in 90 days on video. Some started from scratch, some built on what they learned in the past, regardless, they got result they didn't expected. The #Add1Challenge works. Here are the case study videos: The original post, titled "How to learn any language in 90 days" was written by Maneesh Sethi from and it had been featured on Zenhabits, Lifehacker and shared by Tim Ferriss on Twitter and Facebook. Its a great blueprint to follow for language learning, so I broke it down into 3 simple parts in this video: 0:22 Someone got slap by a girl because he did not learn german language the right way and said something wrong. Don't let that happen to you! 0:46 Part 1 - Overall Strategy of learning a new language 1:04 Part 2 - Da Game Plan broken down by months 2:36 Part 3 - The Resources you need to implement the best way to learn a language in 3 months 4:38 Behind the scene footage To test this blueprint myself, I am taking on the Learn German Language in 3 Months challenge to see if this blueprint actually works. You can see why I am so motivated by watching this video Resources Mentioned: Sign up for Genius+ iPad beta testing: Memorization software for Macs: Genius - Memorization software for windows: Finding free Language partners: The Mixxer at Couch Surfing: MeetUp: Affordable online language tutors: Dover Language Essential Grammar Guides: Lonely Planet Phrasebook: How To Learn Any Language in 90 Days: Click to tweet our story! Facebook: Twitter: Baby Props Credit:

Differences between Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign

In this short video I introduce you briefly to three Adobe products: Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, and show you how each product is used. Read a related post on my blog:

Kids and their feelings - you can help!

Update: The crowd funding campaign is over! And the app is out! You can download it by visiting the link. Want to learn more? Just visit Who is Friendy? Friendy is originally a doll that helps children to cope with their feelings. Now it is available as an app too. Why use Friendy? Friendy helps you and your children to improve self esteem, build healthier relationships, minimise stress and simply feel better. It is used in more than 500 preschools in Scandinavia. A positive feedback from pedagogues, parents and children proves that it works. Now it is easy to try it too. How to use Friendy We strived to create the Friendy app as intuitive and easy to use as possible. You and your child can choose a certain feeling, try calming Friendy down, discuss why certain situations occur and how to deal with them. And many more - there is a clear guidance on each step in the app. With love from the development team, Lena, Ole, Maria-Pia, Camilla ---------------- - if you have watched the video this is the link to follow! We are running an amazing project together with - creating an app aiming to help kids understanding and managing their feelings. Anger, sadness, fear - have you ever experienced them? Have you ever hidden them? Have you ever suffer from them? Help your kids to cope with them easier! Any help is appreciated - supporting us on, spreading the word or giving the suggestions - everything is important! Thank you!

GiReviews + PoweringThrough = HowToBeAwesome Pt.2

Full post: Work with William: William's video: