Re-Introducing the Periodic Table of Google Analytics (2016 Edition)

by Jeff Sauer
Greetings friends! I’ve got some real exciting news for you. The 2016 edition of the Periodic Table of Google Analytics is now alive on Jeffalytics. This interactive table features 189 elements that describe the power of everything we can do with Google Analytics. View the interactive periodic table of Google Analytics The first periodic table was launched in 2013.Read the full article

Jeffalytics' Periodic Table of Google Analytics - Introduction

Jeffalytics’s Periodic Table of Google Analytics: Welcome to the wonderful world of Google Analytics. In this series of Periodic Table of Google Analytics, I’ll show you how awesome this analytics tool can be. Learning Google Analytics can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning, with bucket load of information and concepts been thrown at you. I’ve been teaching digital marketing for the past 5 years and this is what my students usually experience. They get excited about how cool the tool is, but overwhelmed at the same time. So, I’ve decided to simplify and organize all the information into something more easily digestible. There are many components to Google Analytics and I needed a way to better visualise what the components are and how they might relate to each other. After several trials at various display method, the Periodic Table of Google Analytics is born. And since the first version in 2013, it has gotten tens of thousands of downloads. So recently I’ve decided to start teaching on YouTube, and I would like to bring you the most updated version of Periodic Table of Google Analytics, but in video format. In this series, we’ll go in depth on each of elements of this Periodic Table, and learn more about Google Analytics at the same time. So here’s what I’ve planned for, I’ll be doing a video on each of the elements and be posting them every Monday here on YouTube. Now go ahead and download the pdf for easy referencing. And I hope you’ll find something useful in these future videos, no matter your skill level. Thanks for dropping by! Subscribe for future elements: Want more tips and tricks on Analytics, SEO, PPC and more? Head over to Want to take your Analytics skills to the next level and be Google Analytics Certified? Check out our course here Want to master PPC, get more in-depth learning and be Google Adwords Certified? Check out our course here