5 Reasons Why Your Prospect Did Not Buy What You Are Selling

5 Reasons Why Your Prospect Did Not Buy What You Are Selling April 19, 2016 By AJ Agrawal Leave a Comment There’s nothing worse for a salesperson than going through the motions with a prospect only to have them change their minds at the last minute. It’s a whole lot of wasted time and effort. You may curse them and you may put it down to bad luck, but there’s much more to it than this.Read the full article

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    forbes.com - 15 readers - “It starts with the customer need,” explained  Kumsal Bayazit, Chief Strategy Officer of RELX Group during a recent interview discussing the company’s strategy -- and her role in defining it. “We serve professionals across very different industries, but the needs at the high level are similar. Everybody is looking for [...]

  • Why Do We Build Products That Suck?

    huffingtonpost.com - 11 readers - Is your product unsatisfying to customers? Worse, do you hate working on it? It's one thing for your customers who probably only need to tolerate it for less than an hour or so a day, but you toil away at it for 40+ hours a week. Think about it this way, you spend about 50% of your waking hours working on something that is rotten.