L’Oréal lets colorblind men see red for the first time

by Tanya Dua
L’Oréal’s new campaign has people seeing red. The makeup brand’s latest ad in Mexico is a feel-good digital video that chronicles the tear jerking moment when colorblind men see their partners wearing red lipstick for the first time. The campaign was created by McCann Mexico, based on the insight that one in 12 men cannot see the color red due to color blindness.Read the full article

Color blind men see red for the 1st time in L'Oréal action, by McCann Mexico

1 out of 12 men can’t see red because they’re color blind. When their spouses put on a red dress, shoes, or even red lipstick, they see it as brown, ochre or even purple. That’s why McCann Mexico, together with L’Oréal Paris, through its lipstick brand Color Riche, gave different spouses in which men are color blind the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience and discover red for the first time.