The Phone Flank: Your Secret Weapon to Winning New Sales

As I sat on a sales and marketing panel last week, the question came up, “How do I get through to my prospects? Should I email them or call them?” The audience member sat down, and I blurted out, “Phone Flank! Use the phone flank!” It was as if I was looking out at a herd of deer staring back into my high beams.Read the full article

How To Phone Flank - Using Email Marketing For Sales Conversions - The Phone Flank is a strategic mix of email marketing campaigns and targeted phone campaigns. Not only does it save you valuable time; it helps you pinpoint your warm prospects to make quick conversions. By leveraging the reporting features in Constant Contact, you can target warm or hot prospects and reach out by phone to convert them into a new sale. To get started with Constant Contact, click over to