Work-Life Balance: 5 Steps For A Healthy Success

My weeks differ, as do the projects I am involved in. Does that really mean that I cannot balance my work and life properly since I cannot stick to the regular eight hour’s shift? Or maybe the work-life balance is just another myth that has nothing to do with the modern job reality? For some, my working hours may seem pretty hectic and chaotic. I’m not an early bird, that’s for sure.Read the full article

  • Forget Work Life Balance - Seven Paradigm Shifts for The New 24/7 Normal - 40 readers - Seven paradigm shifts for work life balance (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Is the work life juggle driving you insane?  The reality of life is that we have a “new normal”. Five trends create this new normal:  Technology enables us to be always connected  There are fewer people needing to do more work Globalization and speed [...]