10 Tips for Writing A Shareworthy Blog Post

We’ve all heard about how great content is and how important blogs are for businesses. However, when you’re creating content for your website, how engaged are your readers? Sure, you post a number of blogs each week, but do your visitors stay long enough to read it and share it with their friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and family on social media? Unfortunately, the frust ...Read the full article

The 2-Minute Guide to Writing Better Blog Posts | Two Minute Tuesdays

Launching a blog is only the first step to gaining exposure and SEO benefits for your online business. To really take advantage of all that blogging has to offer, you need to create engaging posts that users want to read and share. The trick to doing so is to learn how to write better blog posts, faster. To help you get started, check out today's episode to learn quick and easy ways to improve your blog posts moving forward. And then check out our own blog for even more ecommerce marketing advice! http://www.volusion.com/ecommerce-blog