7 Tips to Stay on Top of Social Media Customer Service

New ways of accomplishing old tasks. This is the conceptual bread and butter of thousands of tech-based companies today, and some might argue the very future of commerce in general. That leaves many brands out there ‘making it up as we go along’, which can be thrilling and completely new terrain – particularly at the curious intersection of tech, social media, and customer service.Read the full article

The New Standard of Social Customer Service is Here

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Conversocial - Facebook Messenger customer care

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Customer Spotlight: How Travelex Serves their World Traveler Friends

Travelex, the global foreign exchange company and Conversocial customer, operates in two very different industry verticals, with two very different approaches needed. One being travel, where in-the-moment social service is a must. The other finance, where staying within the remits of the law is paramount. One lends itself to fast response times, the other slower more scripted responses. The end goal remains the same however, a social first approach to serving the social customer.