Mobile Game Roundup: Tropical Wars, Soda World and More

If you’re looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend, you have plenty of new games to try, including Loud on Planet X, a music rhythm game from Pop Sandbox. The game features music from 14 artists, including Tegan and Sara, Chvrches, Lights and more, and challenges players to protect the artists from aliens.Read the full article

Tropical Wars - Pirate Battles (Official Launch Trailer)

Battle rival pirates, build your island, raise an army of warships, and rule the sea! Download Tropical Wars on the Apple App Store: Download Tropical Wars on Google Play: Tropical Wars is a free action-packed strategy game where you lead your pirate fleet to victory. Your koala tribe is under attack and needs your help. Are you ready for off-the-hook battles? Join the community:

DreamHorse Trailer

Press Contact: Sam Brace Decibel-PR E: T: +44 (0) 7813988908 Albert Millis / Samantha Kingston Virtual Umbrella on behalf of Fourthwall

Orbit's Odyssey Gameplay Trailer

Download on Apple: Download on Android: Download on Amazon: Watch the official mobile game trailer of Orbit's Odyssey. The game is available to play on 20th, April 2016 on iOS, Android & Amazon stores around the world. Orbit's Odyssey is a fun game that re-imagines puzzles through space-time oddities. Enhance your strategy and creative skills in this unique game, and be blown away by the spectacular visuals and never before seen imagery.).

The Paranormal Society: Hidden Adventure for iPad

From the company that brought you The Secret Society comes the first-ever free-to-play hidden object puzzle adventure, which takes the HOPA genre to a new level! If you enjoy finding hidden objects, tackling puzzle adventures or completing quests, this riveting game is for you. Victorian London is experiencing an invasion of malevolent phantoms. The government officially denies it but has secretly asked the Paranormal Society for help. As a young wife who witnessed your husband's spirit leave his body to join other phantoms, you become the newest member of the Paranormal Society in order to get answers. Play FREE:

Battle Ages Trailer

Impossible Words (iOS) Gameplay Trailer

Download on the App Store: Tap the letters to spell out the correct word. Start from Kindergarten and unscramble your way through all the word packs as they get tougher and tougher. How many words can you get? Features: • Unscramble 700+ words • Use hints to reveal the correct letters • Share a word and get help from your friends • Unlock dozens of word packs • And more word packs are coming soon! We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions! Visit our Website: Facebook: Twitter:

Pang Adventures - Launch gameplay trailer PS4, XBOX ONE, PC, MOBILE

The Pang series is a beloved collection of arcade video games from the early 90s. Guide two brothers on a quest around the world to save humankind from a massive alien invasion! Use your wits and skills to overcome the attack balls pouring from the skies and rescue the world’s cities and landmarks from impending annihilation! Pang Adventures brings new features and gameplay to this arcade legend while keeping true to the original spirit of the series. NOW AVAILABLE on PS4, XBOX ONE, PC AND MOBILE.

Exodus (Ketchapp)

The land goes under water. The only one chance to survive - fly away on the rocket! Push the green energy points on your way to continue the flight and save all creatures.

Fold+ | Official Trailer

App Store: Google Play: Fold+ is the sequel to the acclaimed puzzler Fold, featuring more than double the puzzles of the original, new concepts, redesigned graphics and interface. Cleverly fold, expand, rotate and bring colored blocks together until only one block of each color remains. Fold+ is a minimalist, brain-teasing puzzle that will keep you hooked for hours. Here's what the press said about the original: "Fold is the most original iOS puzzler in years" - "A fun brain teaser" - "Fold will prove to be one of the most challenging and innovative entries in the genre to come to the iPhone in quite some time" - Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Add us on Google Plus: Visit our website:

Heavy Rockets - Official Launch Trailer

Heavy Rockets - arcade cave shooter revival. Prove you’re the fastest and deadliest rocket pilot. Challenge friends or shoot for high scores in furious battles and races across the galaxy. The classic cave shooter has returned, and it’s on iPhone and iPad! Take flight with your rocket and blasters, with specially designed controls that feel just like the arcade. Hone your skills in high-speed race maps and dangerous battle zones – then play with friends via Wi-Fi, ghost rockets, Game Center or Facebook. Collect gems to upgrade your ship – but remember, when you’re facing a rival rocket only your skills can bring you victory!

Save Dan Official Trailer

Follow us on Facebook for exclusive content: iOs download: Android download: The only important app right now is the Dan Bilzerian game. You know him from winning poker tournaments, shooting guns, yachting and having good times with the best looking girls the world has ever seen. This free game gives you a chance to enjoy the same lifestyle… Or so it should have been… You and Dan have to team up to take out hot women that turned into zombies after a radiation burst in Area 51, Nevada. And when we say take them out, we don’t mean take them out to dinner. Your mission is to gun down these zombies before they get Dan, who has to activate signal beacons so you both get a chance to carry out the mission: escape the zombie madness and survive. Helping you out are Dan’s trusted friends, his pet goat Zeus and adorable Smushball the cat. iOs and Android apps coming on February 9th! Facebook Web Instagram

Soda World - Make It Real

[Soda World] Pop, Fizz, Gulp! Here’s your chance to run Soda World – where soda literally sends people flying through the air. Cherry, Peach, Lemon Soda – Yum! But Cactus or Chili Soda??? Hold the mustard (soda) if you must, but keep producing! Running a soda company can be fun – and a bit strange at times – but it literally pays to give the customers what they want. Fill those soda bottles, expand your warehouse, upgrade vending machines, and enjoy a few celebrations along the way, because the more wishes you fulfill and the more soda you produce, the more you’ll be able to expand into exotic lands such as China, Japan, Egypt and the United Kingdom. And did we mention your soda will be delivered by flying saucers? Facebook: SoulGameFans