Answered: How to Validate a Niche & Business Idea?tho_output_title("9932", {"27":"Answered: How to Validate a Niche & Business Idea?","28":"The Simplest (and Quickest) Way to Validate Your Business Idea and Find the Perfect Niche","29":"Here's How You Can Know For Sure if Your Business Will Succeed (Before You Ever Start Building It)"}, []);

So, you have this idea for a business or maybe a new niche to enter. This is perhaps the most crucial moment of the entire project: what you do now will determine whether you dive head-first into a world of pain or whether you'll be taking the first steps towards a thriving new business. Watch the video below to see the simple approach I use to validate any new business idea in any market.Read the full article

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Full post & summary: Before you take the lead and start a new business, you want to make sure that you validate your business idea. This video is a simple but effective way of doing just that.