Creating Original Content Struggles? Read This.

by Brian Hawkins
Creating original content can be a challenge at times. No worries, this post offers several “very doable” content creation tips to help you create content that stands out because it’s something new. For me, this can often be the toughest part of blogging. Sure, I can come up with a ton of common blog topics to post on any given day. I don’t want to be common.Read the full article

How A Blog Posts Evolves Into Something New

Several SnapChap clips (snaps) showing how one blog post idea can quickly, or slowly, turn into something entirely differest. See the post at and follow me on SnapChat at hotblogtips. I know a video shot in portrait view (verticle) isn't the best choice for a YouTube video, but these clips were pulled from SnapChap, which is all mobile and verticle.