Dg: Demographics Reports in Google Analytics

AUDIENCE: The audience reports help us understand trends about our website visitors. Our web browser tells a lot about us, so website owners know your location, Internet service provider and more. But the problem is that these reports don’t change very often. Trends are often measured over the course of months, and not days.Read the full article

Jeffalytics' Periodic Table of Google Analytics: Audience | Demographics

Audience | Demographics Jeffalytics’ Periodic Table of Google Analytics: http://bit.ly/PeriodicTablepdf_YT Welcome to the wonderful world of Google Analytics. In this series of Periodic Table of Google Analytics, I’ll show you how awesome this analytics tool can be. Get to know your visitor (audience) better with the demographics report in Google Analytics. It provides you data on the gender and age group of your visitors. Knowing more about your visitor means that you can do better remarketing. Your target audience for ads will get more specific and niched down. Subscribe for future elements: http://bit.ly/JChannel_YT Want more tips and tricks on Analytics, SEO, PPC and more? Head over to http://bit.ly/J_YT Want to take your Analytics skills to the next level and be Google Analytics Certified? Check out our course here http://bit.ly/AnalyticsCourse_YT Want to master PPC, get more in-depth learning and be Google Adwords Certified? Check out our course here http://bit.ly/PPCCourse_YT