Story It With SnapChat – Why You Should Be Snapping

by Brian Hawkins
In this post, I’m going to show you why online businesses should be on Snapchat. Why YOU should be on Snapchat. I’ll offer some storytelling tips to use on Snapchat. I also embedded a couple of “Snapchat Stories” as examples of creative storytelling. Then I show you several people, you already know and follow that are working their Snapchat magic every single day.Read the full article

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!-Original

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SnapChat Tutorial

Follow me on SnapChat. Username = cliffeotc -

Snapchat Story Example - I Drive A Truck

A video of very short Snapchat video snaps stitched together to make one easy to create story. In this case - showing my followers that I drive a truck locally for a living. Storytelling at its best? Maybe no, but certainly at its easiest. :) See: Story It With SnapChat – Why You Should Be Snapping