Ten years of Google Translate

Ten years ago, we launched Google Translate. Our goal was to break language barriers and to make the world more accessible. Since then we’ve grown from supporting two languages to 103, and from hundreds of users to hundreds of millions. And just like anyone’s first 10 years, we’ve learned to see and understand, talk, listen, have a conversation, write, and lean on friends for help.Read the full article

Google Translate

Behind each of the 100 billion words a day, there's a human story. (Or at least a bit of fun.) http://g.co/gettranslate

Android: 100 Billion Words

Every day, more than 100 billion words are translated with Google Translate. So no matter where you are or what language you speak, you can “Be Together. Not the Same.” Get the free Google Translate app: https://goo.gl/wpdBy Discover more about Android by following us on: Google+: https://plus.google.com/+android Twitter: https://twitter.com/Android Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AndroidOfficial