Instagram demands Littergram to clean up its act

Instagram wants to drag and drop Littergram into the trash. The Facebook-owned company is asking the owners of Littergram, a small British app that lets people trash-shame their neighbors, to throw out its name because the similarities to its branding and user interface. Littergram creator Danny Lucas told the BBC that Instagram’s lawyers told him his app’s name is “not accep ...Read the full article

A personal plea to Mark Zuckerberg from LitterGram founder Danny Lucas

Read Danny's full response here: Lawyer's letter: LitterGram website: LitterGram blog: LitterGram, a free to use app which has been created to rid the UK of litter, is at risk of being taken out of operation as Facebook lawyers have unexpectedly written to us demanding that we implement a rebrand, as we are a threat to Instagram. You will appreciate this is absurd. The purpose of LitterGram is to highlight the problem and locate litter, eventually eradicating the UK of a crisis that has spread across the nation like an epidemic and it is ruining our society. Litter currently costs Britain £1bn per year. Right now we are ranked as the 3rd most littered nation globally, this statistic indicates we sit alongside under developed countries – alarming to say the least. Our mission is simple; to make littering socially unacceptable and put the Great back into Britain. My efforts are about to be wiped out by Facebook's demand and as you can see I have only been given until April 28th to respond. I truly hope for the sake of the entire UK population, you will have the understanding and compassion to let LitterGram continue. I also hope that you will take the opportunity to meet and discuss how we can work together to implement change! There would be no one better to support and partner this campaign. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. Danny Lucas Founder & Creator of LitterGram