Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Console, Community Power & AdWords Extended Ads

by Barry Schwartz

Google Search Console, Community Power & AdWords Extended Ads - Truth is, I recorded this video yesterday because I am completely offline today. First up, Google added an unsubscribe feature to the Google Search Console. Google said having an active and vibrate community can help with rankings. Google said keep redirects for as long as you can but after they index the redirect, it is safe to remove it. Google brought back in-depth articles after it being broken for weeks. Google is testing expanded text ads in AdWords. Google Merchant Center added Feed Rules to manage your data feeds. Google AdWords is also testing purple ad labels, in addition to green labels. Google AdSense now has Page-Level Ads for anchor and vignette ads. Google is asking desktop users for their home and work addresses. If you have inside street view images, it isn’t easy to remove them. Google is testing different shades of blue for their links in the search results. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Unsubscribe From Some Google Search Console Messages : Google: Community Through Comments Help A Lot With Ranking : Google: Keep Redirects Indefinitely But One Can Remove Them After Google Indexes : Google In-Depth Articles Now Coming Back : New Test: Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads : Google Merchant Center Adds Feed Rules; A Tool To Manage Your Data Feeds : Google AdWords Testing Purple Ad Label : Google AdSense Page-Level Ads: Anchor Ads & Vignette Ads : Google Testing New Minimalistic AdSense Ad Unit : Google Prompts Users To Set Home & Work Address On Some Searches : Old Inside Street Views On Google Maps Are Not Easy To Remove : Google Testing Very Light Blue Links In Search Results :

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