That’s a Wrap: Highlights From the  BrightonSEO Spring 2016 Conference

Missed the latest Brighton SEO conference? No worries, we’ve wrapped it up in a short read. Many of the speakers have shared their slides, so take a look below for some valuable SEO content Our team at the stand during Brighton SEO The conference We’re still getting over all the excitement of last week’s Brighton SEO Conference.Read the full article

The Secret Psychology of Persuasive Content - Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie Nahai is a web psychologist, international speaker and author of the best-selling book, Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion (Pearson). The foremost expert in web psychology, Nathalie helps businesses apply scientific rigour to their website design, content marketing and products. Nathalie lectures internationally on the digital application of behavioural sciences, co-hosts theGuardian’s Tech Weekly podcast, and contributes to national publications, TV and radio on the subject of online behaviour. In this keynote for Brighton SEO (Brighton 2016), Nathalie Nahasi explores: - the psychology behind thriving communities - the emotional root of decision-making - the power of homophily - how to adapt content to personality traits - psychological trigger words - how to optimise your headlines for maximum impact For more info, check out