A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Guitar Strings

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’re staring sadly at a broken string on your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar. OR, it's because I have shamelessly plugged you here from one of my other posts!! As you’ve already probably figured out, the strings on a guitar have a huge impact on the sound and play-ability of your instrument.Read the full article

String Gauges: What is Right For You?

With Ernie Ball sponsoring Scotland's award winning rock and metal festival, Les-Fest (www.les-fest.co.uk), I decided to take a selection of the strings they sent to Les-Fest HQ and talk about where I consider each set to be best used. Thicker strings provide more tone and a louder response, but they are harder to play and bend. Light strings are a breeze to shred about on, but don't sound quite as good and can be prone to tuning issues or fret buzz if hit too hard. Personal preference, and the style of music you play will dictate your string preference, but it is worthwhile to get out of your comfort zone and try different strings to hear and feel the difference they make.