Best Branded Content of April: The VR Wave is Here

by Joe Lazauskas
Last month, the folks down the street at Framestore, a VR creative shop in Soho, let me stop by and geek out with all of their latest experiences. The biggest highlight was HTC Vive. Vive, which came out April 5, is the most expensive ($800) VR headset available on the market, battling the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear for pole position.Read the full article

A Visit From Aunt Flo

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IKEA VR Experience - Fun With Meatballs

I want you all to know that i spent 44 minutes throwing meatballs around a virtual kitchen and loved every second. There is not much else to do but if you are lucky enough to own a Vive you can pick up this meat tossing simulation for the low price of free on steam.

WSN | News | Tandon Sees 2020 With VR Goggles

WSN got to try out the Virtual Reality goggles that the new NYU Class of 2020 received.