Instructions for Next Week’s Bookstore Blitz – SPI TV Ep. 45

by Pat Flynn

Let's Do an Experiment! I Need Your Help - SPI TV, Ep. 45 It was a real shock to me that my self-published book, Will It Fly, became a Wall Street Journal Best Seller. I didn't even know that was possible! Now, I want to see what else is possible... With your help, we can potentially get a self-published book on the shelves of a Barnes and Noble. Here's how: Step 1: Visit a Barnes and Noble, or call and order Will It Fly. It's in their catalog and on their website, but it's not on the shelves...yet. (If you're international and/or don't have access to a Barnes and Noble, visit and just put a search in for Will It Fly by Pat Flynn instead - that will still help capture their attention!) Step 2: A couple of days later, you'll be asked to come in to pick up the book. If you're one of the first 500 to submit their receipt, I'm actually going to reimburse you for your copy. This isn't about me selling more books, it's about seeing what's possible as a self-published author. Step 3: Submit your receipt at Doing so lets me know you participated, helps me keep track, and also enters you into a random drawing to win a 1-hour coaching Skype call with me to help you with your business. This is all happening starting Saturday, April 30th, and goes until the end of day Monday May 2nd. Let's see what happens! Thank you so much for your support, and I'll keep you posted if anything happens. Cheers!

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