So you need to find the best guitar for kids…

So, your kiddo has decided that they want to pick up playing the guitar? Well my friend, as a fellow parent of a little one myself, I can help you in this quest! Read on for reviews that will get you off on the right foot! So, what is the best guitar for kids who want to be the next Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews, or Taylor Swift? And what’s the difference between acoustic and electric guitars? .Read the full article

7 year old Mini Band guitarist Zoe Thomson plays Sweet Child O Mine by Gun' 'N Roses

Thanks to Slash for tweeting his approval of this video! :-) Zoe and her band have a Facebook page here You can visit Zoe's YouTube channel at Zoe at aged 7 playing Sweet Child Of Mine. Zoe now plays in The Mini Band, who have become an internet sensation after their video of Metallica's Enter Sandman went viral. Check out their 1st original song here! Zoe is taught at